Cakes at Ottolenghi deli in London

Ottolenghi… I’ve dreamt to visit one of the delis for a long time… To try the cakes of course!

I don’t remember how I first heard about Ottolenghi. But everybody living in London will sooner rather than later hear this name.
For those who don’t know, Yotam Ottolenghi is a British based Chef, cookery writer and restaurant owner.
He actually owns 2 delis, 1 deli-restaurant and 1 restaurant.

The delis are famous for their cakes, salads as well as pantry and fresh ingredients such as ketchup, granola, jam…

Ottolenghi Belgravia 4

To visit an Ottolenghi deli has been on my list of things to do it London for a long time. But as my list is long and time flies in London, I never found the opportunity before last week.
Indeed, last week, my boyfriend and I were wandering in Belgravia when we passed by chance in front of one of the deli.

Ottolenghi Belgravia

I was in awe in front of the cakes and couldn’t resist. It was fate! And we don’t play with fate!
So we entered and took a look at all the different cakes.

Ottolenhi Belgravia 2The choice was not an easy one but we managed to be reasonable and to only select 3 cakes: a flourless orange and almond cake with a chocolate ganache, a white chocolate and raspberry cake and a rhubarb tart.
What I didn’t know was that the delis are more take-away shops. The one in Belgravia only has a communal table of 6 and a few tables outside. But it was our lucky day because 2 seats were free, waiting for us. To be honest, I would have been extremely disappointed if we couldn’t have eaten the cakes on the spot. I was mouthwatering and couldn’t have waited any longer.

The cakes were served on colourful plates.

Ottolenghi Belgravia 3

I found the courage to take some pictures before starting the serious business.

Ottolenghi Belgravia 1

I have a system: I always keep the best for the end. As I’m not a huge fan an rhubarb, I started by the tart. I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn’t sour as I expected. I continued with the chocolate and orange cake. Excellent, as expected. And I finished with the raspberry cake. Delicious, better than expected.
We had also ordered some drinks, a tea and a chocolate. The chocolate was good but the cup was too small!

I will be back to try other cakes. And maybe a salad too.

The delis are located in Belgravia and Notting Hill. The deli-restaurant is in Islington.  And NOPI restaurant is in Soho.

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