Briciole – Italian restaurant in London

Briciole is one of my favourite restaurant in London and definitely my favourite Italian restaurant. And, lucky me, it’s only 5 min from our flat!
It’s a restaurant where I love to go, either with my boyfriend or with my friends for many reasons.
The dishes are simple but excellent and you really have the feeling that “La Mamma” is behind the stoves. She isn’t but I’m sure that she passed down some of her secret recipes
The atmosphere is warm and relaxed without fuss, just like at home.
The staff is 100% Italian, very efficient and friendly.
And the prices are more than reasonable.

In fact, Briciole is not only an Italian trattoria, it’s also a café bar and a deli under the same roof.

In the deli, you can buy a range of products carefully selected from producers they love in Italy: a wide selection of breads, cheeses and salumi, olive oils, as well as biscuits and sweets.Briciole-2B3The traditional trattoria offers unpretentious Italian classic dishes and modern creations.

The menu is composed of a large range of starters and main courses (pasta, meat or fish but no pizza) that you can easily mix and share. It is more than encouraged to do so in order to enhance your gustative and social experience.

The dessert menu is separated. I prefer when the menu is complete from starters to desserts because I always order according to the dessert that makes me mouth-watering (if any). But now, I know that the desserts are extremely attractive and delicious.

So keep a small space to not feel frustrated because I’ll be very surprise if you don’t finish your meal on a sweet note.

Last time I went to Briciole, it was with my boyfriend. 
We choose a table outside for the aperitif with the idea to migrate inside for the main course. But finally, the evening was so mild that we decided to stay outside to enjoy one of the last summer evenings in London for this year.
We were both very hungry and ordered many starters: a burrata (mozzarella), a basket of bread served with olive oil, a bruschetta with fresh Sicilian cherry tomatoes and basil, a plate of Parma ham, some baked asparagus with Parmesan cheese and some fried pizza stuffed with tomato and ricotta cheese.
I also ordered a Bellini to perfect this copious aperitif.
We took our time to enjoy and digest all the small dishes but also to catch up after a busy week.
Then, for main course, I didn’t order pasta because I knew that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to eat a dessert so I opted for the lighter “Aubergine, tomato and parmesan timbale”.
And for dessert, I ordered the warm moist chocolate cake with chesnut ice cream and suggested to my boyfriend (well, forced him) to take the tiramisu. Both are delicious and I couldn’t decide myself so we shared them.
When we left, we were so full that it was even difficult to walk back home…
We took a shower and went directly to bed.
What a nice evening!
See you soon Briciole!
20 Homer St
London, W1H 4NA
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