Beijing Dumpling – a Chinese restaurant in London

As its name suggests, this restaurant is located in Chinatown.
If you pass by, chances are great that you’ll stop in front of the window to have a closer look at the Chefs showing off their skills by making Dumplings.
And then, if you’re hungry, chances are even greater that you would be tempted to eat there.
I like the decoration, which is sober unlike many other Asian restaurants! The place is surrounded by dark wood (floor, walls, ceiling, tables and chairs) and there is no embellishment. It’s exactly how I imagine a restaurant leading to a clandestine casino in China, where only regulars could have access.
The first time we went there, it was on the advice of a friend and we opted for a set menu, the best and cheapest way to eat a bit of everything. The portions were so generous that I couldn’t eat all and my boyfriend couldn’t finish my part, so even if it was delicious and tasty, it really was a waste of food.
This time, we thought that it would be wiser to order a la carte. We already knew that we wanted the crispy aromatic duck served with pancakes, cut cucumbers and spring onions. It’s to die for!   
We also chose an assortment of Dumplings and the Special Fried Rice, which is a kind of Cantonese rice with prawns.

We didn’t waste any food this time, but we were so full when we left the restaurant that we decided to go back home walking, to help our digestion.

Beijing Dumpling
23 Liste St, Chinatown
London WC2H 7BA
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