Backed Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese recipe

Backed Vacherin Mont d’Or is the best winter dish. 
Like tartiflette and raclette, it’s a very easy dish to make that will keep you warm. But its other advantage is that it doesn’t involve a lot to clean up!

In Marseille, my mother used to make backed Vacherin Mont d’Or several times every winter and it always was a feast.

But I didn’t expect to find Vacherin Mont d’Or in London. So you can imagine my surprise and my joy when I saw the cheese at Waitrose! I immediately bought it.

Backed Vacherin Mont d’Or is the perfect recipe if you want to impress your friends with an original and friendly winter meal.

And I’m sure that my father, who is a total fan of raclette, would love this alternative. Let’s just hope that he would be able to find Vacherin Mont d’Or in Oslo.


-Vacherin Mont d’Or (available in several sizes)

-Cold cuts of your choice


Meanwhile the potatoes are boiling:

-Preheat the oven at 180°C

-Put the Vacherin Mont d’Or in its box on a plate in the oven 

-When the crust is golden, it’s ready!
Then, put everything you like in your plate and mix it as you want!

Have a try and let me know your comments!
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