Back in 5 minutes in London

Back in 5 minutes…
This isn’t my new status on Facebook but the name of a restaurant in Shoreditch.

With this kind of name and the fact that I’ve never heard of this restaurant before, I thought it was a pop up but it actually opened in June 2012…

Last week, I read 2 articles about it just at the time I was looking for a restaurant in Shoreditch.
One was in Condé Nast Traveller and I don’t remember where I read the second.,-shoreditch
The reviews were good and I was intrigued by the place so I booked a table for 3: my father, my boyfriend and I.

We went just after the Nightjar. Which can explain why some pictures are a bit blurred while I thought they were all perfectly neat…

Back in 5 minutes is located at the end of Brick Lane.
Like me, you might have passed in front many times without ever noticing it. And it’s perfectly normal as the restaurant is hidden at the end of a clothes shop.

Back in 5 minutes 2

When we arrived in front of the shop, my boyfriend was a bit dubious but I was sure of myself.
So we entered and I led them to the curtain that separates the shop from the restaurant.

Back in 5 minutes 6

The restaurant is small, only 3 communal tables for 28 covers.
Like in every restaurant in London when possible, try to book in advance or you might be disappointed. For my part, I don’t know if I was lucky or not, but I only booked the night before.

Back in 5 minutes 5

The menu is reduced (3 starters / 3 main courses / 1 platter of cheese and 2 desserts) and often changes, which is generally the sign that the kitchen works with extremely fresh products.

You are offered the possibility to choose between a 3/4 or 6 courses menu.
I was going to opt for the 3 courses menu but my boyfriend wanted to try the 6 courses.
The waitress informed us that the 6 courses menu was for all the guests or no one. I imagine that it’s to simplify the life of the Chef.
It was an easy game to convince my father and I to also opt for the 6 courses menu.
And we didn’t regret it.

The menu was the following:

Grey Goose Le Fizz & Something from the Kitchen

Back in 5 minutes 3

Back in 5 minutes 4


Smoked Gazpacho
Grilled ASparagus & Stawley Goat’s Cheese

Back in 5 minutes 12


New York Salmon Sashimmi
Shitake Mushrooms & Wasabi Mayonnaise

Back in 5 minutes 11


Smoked Duck Breast
Celeriac Remoulade

Back in 5 minutes 12


Pan-Fried Bream Fillet
Backed Fennel, Chorizo & Saffron Aioli

Back in 5 minutes 13


Roast Lamb Rump & Crispy Lamb Sweetbreads
Olive Crushed Potato & Tomato Vinaigrette

Back in 5 minutes 14


Elderflower Eton mess and cakes (sorry but I forgot the name of the cake)

Back in 5 minutes 15

We were also served very good bread. So good that I asked if it was possible to get more.

Back in 5 minutes 9

Between the amuse-bouche and the 1st course, I went to have a closer look at the clothes shop. Ante is an independent store dedicated to explore a simple but transformative unisex style. All the clothes were grey, black or white.
It wasn’t my style but I like the atmosphere of the store.

Back in 5 minutes 8

Back in 5 minutes 7

The meal experience was great.
The food was excellent.
I even ate some vegetables that I normally don’t like such as celeriac and fennel.
And the portion were big enough so my boyfriend didn’t need to buy a bagel at Beigel Bake when we left.
The service was attentive and the waiting period during the different courses was neither too long nor too short.
And the atmosphere was cosy, relaxed and friendly.

I’ll be back soon for sure (but maybe not in 5 minutes!)

Back in 5 minutes
224 Brick Lane
London E1 6SA

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