5 days in NYC

The first and last time I went to NYC, I was 15 and it was with my father. I remember that it was extremely hot (it was in July). We only stayed for 3 days. We visited the World Trade Center (it was in 1999), the NY Stock Exchange (Wall Street) and the United Nations headquarters, we took a bus tour of the city, we went to Liberty Island, we took a stroll in Central Park and we had a fantastic diner in Hoboken near the Hudson River with an amazing view over Manhattan. I also remember that I bought (or more exactly that my father bought me) a Levi’s jeans and several CDs, among them: Christina Aguilera from Christina Aguilera, Americana from The Offspring and On the 6 from Jennifer Lopez.
I was really happy to visit NYC again and this is why I made an extensive list of what I wanted to do, see and eat.
I listed below what I planned to do VS what we really did.
5 days goes very fast and aren’t enough to do everything, so we had to make choices.
-Take a taxi                                                    
DONE – I like to take the taxi in NYC. It’s very cheap and there is a TV at the back linked to a GPS system so you can check exactly were you are anytime.
-Eat a Burger at Shake Shack                     
NEXT TIME – My boyfriend literally refused to eat at Shake Shack when he saw the queue so we finally had a burger at “Burgers and Cupcakes”. The burger was good but not exceptional.

-Go to Grand Central Terminal
-Eat a cupcake                                               
DONE – It was my dessert at “Burgers and Cupcakes” of course. I have to say that the frosting was one of the best I’ve ever tried.

-Have a look at the traditional houses with fire escape

-Go to Time Square                                      
DONE – It was chaos due to a lot of construction works. Picadilly Circus looks very ridiculous compared to Time Square…
-Cross Brooklyn bridge                                 
DONE – It was overcrowded when we did it.  Try to do it as early as you can if you want to beat the crowd.
-Visit the smallest museum in NYC, and definitely one of the smallest in the world 
DONE – It’s called Mmuseumm and it’s built into an abandoned elevator shaft.
-Take the High Line                                      
DONE – It’s a former freight train line that has been rehabilitated as a public space.
-Eat pancakes                                                
DONE – We went to Clinton St Baking Company for breakfast and I ordered the classical blueberry pancakes.
-Take the ferry to Liberty Island                
DONE – Make sure to be on the right side of the boat when going to the Island and to the left side when leaving the Island to have a better view of the Statue of Liberty. Take the time to go down at the Island because the view over Manhattan is amazing.

-Have a picture taken with cops                  
DONE – They were very friendly. I asked them if they didn’t mind if my boyfriend took a picture of me with them. And one of them answered that they didn’t mind if my boyfriend didn’t either! Ahah
-Visit Chelsea Market                                    
DONE – There is, among others, a shop very well supplied with kitchen and bar utensils.
-Visit the Guggenheim                                  
NEXT TIME – We only went to the lobby to have a look at the majestic hall but I didn’t find any exhibition worth of interest.
-Take the ferry to Staten Island                      
-Wander in Chinatown and Little Italy           
DONE – Some shops in Chinatown are true Ali Baba’s caves. We found great Tikki glasses in the shape of a parrot, a monkey, a sumo wrestler… It really was unexpected.

-Drink a milkshake

-Have a brunch                                               
-Go to the 9/11 Memorial                            
DONE – The memorial is very nice. Instead of constructing towers again, there are 2 square fountains, marking the footprints of the Twin Towers. The names of the victims (including those from the Pentagon, American Airlines flight 77 and United Airlines flight 93) and the 1993 bombings are inscribed on the parapets surrounding the waterfalls. The design is simple and respectful.
-Go to the top of the Rockfeller Center       
NEXT TIME – My boyfriend found it too expensive when you can enjoy the view from a rooftop bar for the price of a cocktail
-Have a drink at a rooftop bar                           
DONE at The Standard High Line. The Standard High Line has several bars and the Rooftop bar is the hardest too find. Of course it’s on the highest floor, this is where I direct went. But it’s in another building…
-Eat a bagel                                                    
DONE at Everything bagel and Beans. It’s very filling, so if you take a bagel for breakfast, you’re sure to not be hungry before long.
-Walk in Central Park                                   
DONE – I didn’t remember that they were so many roads crossing the park, I was a bit disappointed. And the squirrels are not as friendly as their British cousins.
-Eat a donught                                              
DONE at Donught Plant
-Visit a Gospel church in Harlem                 
-Do some shopping                                      
YES AND NO – I was very disappointed. I only bought a Canada Goose jacket for skiing and 3 items at Victoria’s Secret. I expected too buy much more items at Victoria’s but also items from Nike and Converse at the very least but I didn’t find my happiness. At the end, it was better for my wallet!
-Visit the MoMA                                             
DONE – It became one of my favourite museums in the world. Definitely not to miss.
-Eat in a diner                                               
DONE at The Empire Diner and at Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burgers
-Walk on the 5th Ave                                     
-See Flat Iron                                                 
-Buy a hotdog in the street                          
DONE – It’s becoming harder and harder to find a cart that only sells hotdog and not Indian dishes!
-Wander in Williamsburg                            
DONE – It was a nice discovery. With cute shops, good restaurants and some street art, it’s the new place to see. And of course, it’s a hipster place, a mix between Shoreditch in London and le Marais in Paris.
-Take a cocktail in a speakeasy bar             
DONE at the “Angel’s Part”. We wanted to try the PDT but it was fully-booked.
-Eat in a Steakhouse                                     
DONE at Gallaghers for my boyfriend’s birthday.

-Seat on the Friend’s sofa at Central Perk 
NO – The Central Perk was a pop-up café recreated to celebrate the 20 years since the beginning of Friends but the queue was too long.
-Experience “Sleep no more”
What we also do and I haven’t planned:
-We went to Target. I love this supermarket but I didn’t find anything interesting this time.
-We took breakfast in a French pastry specialized in eclairs called “Eclair Bakery”. Delicious!

-We went to the Ghostbuster Office, Hook & Ladder 8. “If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you’re gonna call? GHOSTBUSTER”

From Day 1, I noticed the tanks on the roofs.
In London, I’m crazy about the doors but in NYC, I really was crazy about the tanks!

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