Today I’m 30 and life couldn’t be better.

I live the life I chose, which is very different from the life I imagined.
Indeed, when I was 20 and imagined myself at 30, I thought that I would  live abroad, have my own house, have a child and already have retired.
Well… I don’t have a child, I share a flat with 5 other persons and I work in the Hospitality industry. But ! But, I live in London!
Why did I imagine this life?

I imagined that I would live abroad because Marseille is kind of a dead city (especially in winter). There aren’t many things to do and the French mentality makes it difficult to make a career.
I imagined that I would have my own house because I love interior design. I dream to buy my own furnitures and to have enough space to stock all my belongings.
I imagined that I would have a child because I was born when my mother was 27 and I always tought that it was a good age to have a first child. But when I turned 27 I postponed until 30. Now that I’m 30, I still don’t really feel the desire to become a mother. But I’m also aware that the biologic clock is ticking. This year, my mother began to ask me when would we give her a granddaughter (it has to be a girl, no other option for me) every time I go to Marseille. She also told me that there never is a right timing to have a baby and I believe her. Therefore, I’ve now fixed the limit at 32 the latest.
And I imagined that I would be retired because I don’t like to work. I thought that I would have invented something, won the lottery, married a rich man, inherited from an unknown American aunt, …which I unfortunately haven’t.
But life is what happen when you are busy making other plans.
I’m really happy with the life I have. I really have the feeling to control and choose my life.
I live in a vibrant city. 
I have an amazing boyfriend (gorgeous, funny and clever) and our relationship is based on love, respect and a good balance of addiction and independence.
I have amazing friends around the globe but the best of the best, Nathalie, lives in Marseille.
I have a supportive and loving family in France and Norway.
And I always have a job that I like because when I stop to like it (I need to change quite often not to become bored) I have enough courage and confidence to leave and find something else.
Most of the people I know from my childhood in Marseille have chosen another life: they’re now married and/or parents even if they have been with their partner for less time than my boyfriend and I. I’m happy for them if they’re happy but I don’t even slightly envy them. For the moment, I’m more interested in working out, partying, traveling the world and growing in my job. Those preoccupations come  from the fact that I have considered myself like a “child” until this year. Even if I still don’t consider myself as an adult, I think that I don’t consider myself as a child either. Transition is on its way! 
I don’t know if it’s because I look so young that I considered myself like a “child” or if it’s because I considered myself like a “child” that I look young. The only thing I know is that most of the people I meet give me between 23 and 25, which is perfectly fine for me.
Now, how do I imagine myself when I’ll be 40?
I would like to live in Australia in a house facing the sea, have 2 or 3 kids (I should start soon!) and have my own business. Let’s see in 10 years!

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