30th birthday celebration at the Rose Lounge – Sofitel St James in London

I had planned a long time ago (in my mind) to celebrate my 30th birthday with my close relatives and friends in my favourite place in the world: my cabin in Norway.
But life decided otherwise.
I told my mother about my plan but, as I wasn’t able to confirm anything in late May, she planned some holidays with my sister and stepfather.
I didn’t tell my father because I assumed he would be available but he had planned a fishing trip with some friends.
I didn’t tell my best friend either because I knew she couldn’t choose her holiday and finally got 4 weeks from the 25th of July. Bad luck!
And, as I only began to work again 2 months ago, I knew that I would still be in my probation period with no holiday entitlement. I didn’t even try to request some days when I knew that none of the persons I love the most would be part of the celebration.
This year was the second that I celebrated my birthday in London and that my boyfriend organised it.
Last year, we went to the Nightjar in Shoreditch, one of the best bars in the world. Then, we took a black cab (first time for both of us) to The Grazing Goat, a gastropub in Marylebone. The evening was great but I couldn’t say the same about the presents: 4 travel books… 1 would have been enough and then something else, like a jewel for example.
The problem is that my boyfriend never wants to go shopping with me so he never knows what I want. He also never makes a list of what I tell him I really want and he becomes angry if I give him a list. And he almost never think to ask advices from my mother, my best friend, my sister or his sister.
At the beginning I didn’t dare to tell him that I didn’t like the present. It’s the thought that counts, after all. But until a certain limit! Now, I tell him directly because even if I wouldn’t, my face would betray me.

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